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How to Attain Serenity of Heart?

How to find serenity of heart and quietude? This requires some inner work. As the world becomes no more busy, it’s time to sit and rediscover our inner selves. It’s time to look within and revisit our mistakes. It’s time to ignite our conscience and awaken our hearts.

Indeed Allah tells us:

Verily, it is not the external eyes that go blind, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts. (Quran 22:46)

We need tazkiyah process to remove clouds and the veils to heal the blindness and the coarseness and harshness in different ailments like arrogance, delusion, ostentation, hate, violence, ignorance, shirk…


Allah Almighty said:

Verily by dhikr of Allah, hearts attain serenity and tranquility.

The heart would change from a condition that is turbulent, wavy, murky, stained into the state of contentment, stillness, quietude, serenity and tranquility when it is in remembrance of Allah.

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Everything has a means by which to be cleansed and the means of cleansing the heart is the dhikr Allah.”

Prophet Muhammad also mentioned that Satan is ever watchful for the heart of human being. If the human being is heedless, Satan whispers and if he remembers Allah, Satan disappears.

Pondering and reflection in the creations and signs of Allah, pondering the miracles of Allah in the lines and the pages of nature and in the lines of the Quran are means by which we attain the tranquility of the heart.