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Death is Not the End – You’re Made to Be Eternal

We’re here to discuss the journey of the soul. Now, so far you’re sitting here and you’re thinking like everybody else on this planet that this is my life and when my life goes, then that’s it. I’ll be somewhere else!

But we think of it as this is life; this is it, now we’re here and all my family members are with me, I wish I can stay for a very long time with my mom, my dad, my sister…

Death is Not the End

But we all know it’s not too possible.

When a person has gone from this world, it is death. It is the end of one’s life and the end of this body and this life is finished.

Yet when the Quran was revealed, it gave a whole total new term. The Quran did use the word mawt (death) and it said everybody has to taste death, but it did not stop there. It said: “You are being transferred; and you are being taken to a new world; you are traveling; you are going from this place to another place.”

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What did that mean?

That means that we don’t actually die, we don’t come to an end. Yes, we taste death, but we move on.

And it’s not the first time that has ever happened, it’s happened before that we move from one world to another world.

When we think of our life, don’t think of a life on its own, and don’t think of death as the end of that life. This life is only one small part to a massive life Allah has created for us.

We Are Made to Be Eternal

In fact we are actually in some ways eternal.

We had a birth somewhere Allah created us somewhere, and I’m not talking about the birth in this world, I’m talking about the birth of the soul.

There’s a time when my soul and your soul was created; and once it was created it was never to go dead ever except one death which is the death of this world.

When we face that death, and after that we just transfer; and throughout this entire life, there are many times a lot transfers from one world to another world.

There are five transfers each and every one of us goes through; there are six whole worlds that we will live in…

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