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Chapter Al Mulk – 6 Lessons For Personality Development

The verses in chapter Al-Mulk (67: 1-30) are short and digestible. It is a great place to begin to connect with the Quran. Not for speed reading purposes, but to grow and transform yourself inside and out.

Reflections/ Lessons

1. Remember Your Blessings

All ‘blessings, barakah, increase’ comes from Allah, Most Exalted is He. He is the Most Blessed source of blessings.

2. Your Purpose in Life

Just as with other pairs created by Allah, lifelessness lends meaning and purpose to life. This universe and entire life within is not without meaning. Rather, it is like a testing period for man to face trails – the results and accompanying consequence which will come in the next world – after death.

3. Reflect

Ponder over the perfection and harmony in Allah’s creations; no flaws or irregularities exist. Also look and reflect at the wonders of natural disasters around you; the wonders of the birds freely flying.

Allah is in control of everything;

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He has power over everything;

And is Watchful over you and everything you do;

He is in complete control of His Kingdom.

4. Sustenance and Total Protection Comes from Allah

He alone is the source of all sustenance – material as well as spiritual. He gave you many bounties and its your duty to use them in ways pleasing to Him.

5. Remember Death

The ultimate goal of our existence is the Hereafter. So the remembrance of death should be a motivator for you to do the best you can, while you can. Always strive for the best of both worlds – don’t deny or forget one for the other.

6. Aim for Excellence

Aim for quality (excellence), not quantity in your deeds. Work hard to keep your heart clean always. Because your Creator is fully aware of everything you do, say, believe and think.

Action Points (Your to – do)

  • Assess the quality of your deeds always [check yourself].
  • Be humble because your entire life is a test; and a humbling reality.
  • Take out time to reflect constantly – you have so much around you and within you to ponder over. Such reflections will serve to motivate you in life.
  • Ask Allah without reserve. Seek His mercy and aid knowing He is the ultimate source of all good. He is your army to assist you in the face of all problems and to sustain you.


Use your human strength and capabilities to work hard in this dunya with the understanding that it is only temporary; accountability lies ahead and you can’t escape it so prepare ahead. Start by building an Islamic personality using lessons and reflections from the Quran.

In everything you do:

Check yourself. Stay humble. Reflect over things. Ask Allah for all you need.

Want to spend time 10-15 minutes daily with the Quran to reflect and take lessons?

What you need:

* A journal and pen.
* Translation of the Qur’an (preferably in your native language or English).
* Tafsir of the Qur’an (consider the Qur’an Majeed App found in the Apple store).