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A Story of Having a Good End – The Power of Dua

Let us talk about Al-Mujeeb, the one who answers all dua (supplications). Let me share the story of a sister with you. She says it was the first day of Ramadan and my father had a heart attack while he was in the Masjid.

So they take him to the hospital and I hurry to the hospital… and I’m looking at my father and I see this beautiful old man, the man that took care of me when I was young, the man that changed my diapers, the man that took me to school, the man that tried his best to grant me every single thing that I desire… And I realized what a terrible daughter I was to him at that day.

So, I made dua to Allah and I said:

“O Allah, please grant him life so that I can show him the same righteousness that he showed me.”

And Allah brought him out of the heart attack and gave him life for four more months. In these four months, she did everything she possibly could. From cooking for him, cleaning for him, driving him to his appointments… Any wish or desire that he had, she would be the one fulfilling it.

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But, at the end of the four months she starts to realize that life is really getting difficult for her father. He can’t go to the bathroom on his own; he can’t breathe on his own. And while it’s great to have him around the house, it’s unjust of me to want him to keep being alive but be suffering at the same time.

So, she makes dua to Allah:

“Oh Allah, please do not let him leave this world except in the state of obedience to You.”

So, the day of Friday comes four months later, he goes out for prayer, he comes home as if he is perfectly fine, perfectly healthy, nothing is wrong at all; he spends the whole day together with his family and friends… They pray isha and the father excuses himself. He says:

“I’m feeling tired.”

So, the youngest daughter takes him upstairs. And not even five minutes go by, she starts shouting: “Everyone come upstairs! Everyone come upstairs.”

So, everyone goes upstairs. And you can imagine as if you’re walking into that room and it is your own father that his spirit is leaving his body, his eyes are gazing up towards the skies…

And as that is happening, he’s saying:

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.” And those are the words that he dies with.