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A Simple Meaning of What Ihsan is

It’s the most important level of worship that we all strive to reach. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) defines it as “to worship Allah as if you see Him.” It’s Ihsan.

This definition makes us consider Allah in all our actions; we become more devoted to Allah; we become in constant presence and awareness of Allah; and we become excellent in dealing with His creations.

What is it About?

Ihsan is that you worship God as if you see Him, for even though you don’t see Him, He sees you. But to live your life, to worship God as if you are with God, looking at God, responding with love, humility, submission, fear and hope but appropriate to the creator of all the worlds.

Imagine yourself driving in a high way, suppose you read the speed limit of fifty-five miles an hour. If you are a young man that you take only as a suggestion, you speed as you like.

But suppose there is a radar-enforced area. Now you’re a little more careful. Perhaps you will get a ticket, or your license is taken away if you’re too unruly.

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But now suppose there is a police car, very unlikely that you’re going to speed. Now suppose this police car is driving right next to you. Now you become the most diligent citizen, you drive exactly at fifty-five speed, you don’t want to mess with that.

Keep God in the Heart of Your Life

Well, think of Ihsan that way. Ihsan is to drive as if God is your co-pilot, driving right next to you. That changes the way you look at your worship, that changes the way you practice, that changes the way you engage in believing.

It becomes something that now governs your life, that elicits your reactions, not through some distant teachings of rules, listed things of dos and don’ts that you learn back in the school.


Now, it is you and God.