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6 Names to Understand God The Creator

Continuing our series of articles about the names of God, we come to The Creator, Al-Khaliq. God is the Creator, the One who creates from nothing.

The Creator is the One who determines the measure of all things. He brings them into existence according to His will, desire and wisdom.

Oh humankind. Worship your Lord, Who created you and those who came before you, so that you may become one of the pious. (Quran 2:11)

… Say: “God is the Creator of all things, He is the One, the Irresistible. (Quran 13:16)

Throughout the Quran, God has described Himself in great detail. He has revealed many of His names and He loves us to use them in our supplications.

If we read Quran and ponder the meanings of what we find there, we discover the intricate details God has used when describing His names and attributes.

Oftentimes, God will use a series of names to help us understand the subtlety of His Omnipotence. In this article, we will take a look at several names that have similar definitions. Each name is somewhat different and therefore might be more applicable to your situation and supplications.

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The Creator – Al-Khaliq

The Creator is the One who brings things into existence. He creates and perfects according to His will with the knowledge of what will happen.

Khaliq comes from the root kha-lam-qaf and means to create, make, and proportion. The Creator is the one who called into existence (from nonexistence) everything that is in the universe and beyond.

The Creator is the One who has the power to change things back and forth between the states of existing and non-existing. God has total control over everything, manages everything, but is totally separate from what He has created.

He is God, the Creator, the Inventor of all things and the Shaper of all forms. To Him belong the best names… (Quran 59: 24)

In the above verse from the Quran God names Himself the Creator and two aspects of His Creativity, the Inventor and the Fashioner. It is an example of how we can call on God the Creator and use His other names to strengthen and design our supplications.

The Inventor – Al Bari’

Bari’ denotes the act of bringing something into existence. God is the Inventor, He creates something completely new or He works with something He had previously created to make something different, or completely changed. What He invents is  complete and without imperfections.

The Inventor evolves and re-creates that which exists, both physically and spiritually. God invents with no model and creates something that is in proportion and in harmony with everything else that exists.

Be assured God is The Inventor; He is the source of all invention. In this day and age when we constantly read about new inventions, be aware that God allowed these things to be discovered, in this place, in this time, and in this way.

The Shaper – Al Musawwir

The name the Shaper denotes God’s act of giving a certain thing a particular shape or form. He shapes everything that He has created into perfect proportion and form.

The Shaper is the One who gives everything the shape or form that distinguishes it from all else. God creates and then arranges, form, color, shape, and texture; everything shaped according to His desire.

And there are still other names that refer to God, The Creator. Each name introduces us to a different aspect of God’s act of Creation.

The Originator – Al Badi

The Originator is the One who brings things into existence without copying or using anything as a model. They are original, amazing and unique. They come into existence in original ways that have no precedence.

What the Originator creates is incomparable and outstanding. The root of the Arabic word indicates something that blossoms into existence, becoming exposed with a sense of separation and individuality.

The Initiator -Al Mubdi and The Restorer – Al Mu’id

The Initiator is the One who commences, begins or starts all things. The Restorer is the One who will repeat His Creation.

He is the One Who started the creation and He will repeat it. (10: 4)

God originates the creation and then repeats it. (85: 13)

After having Created and Fashioned, God is also the One who is able to give life.

The Giver of Life – Al Muhyi

The Giver of Life revives and makes whole. He creates life and grants it to whomsoever He pleases. He creates people out of nothing, then He brings them back to life on the Day of Resurrection.

God is the giver of Life, He is the One who makes things live, physically and spiritually. He is the one who brings the blackened heart back to life and He is the one who can revive a person or animal whose heart stops beating.

He is the one who grants life to that which was dead, such as the plant, life, and vegetation.

The root meaning of the Arabic word is to live, animate, or revitalize

… you see the earth barren but when We send down rain it is stirred to life and growth. Verily He who gives it life is surely able to give life to the dead (on the Day of Resurrection). Indeed He is able to do all things. (Quran 41:39)

When God creates, He does so with total harmony and stability. Every aspect is perfect and every connection is perfectly balanced and timed. With everything God creates, there is equilibrium, from the largest of His creation to the smallest, the symmetry is perfect. The planets are in their orbits, the sun rises and sets according to God’s laws.

God gives everything in the universe and beyond its particular aspects and distinguishing features. Everything is perfectly timed, shaped, formed and fashioned.


God is the Originator, the Shaper, the Inventor and the Creator. He is the One and Only who bought the worlds into existence. We humankind, are just a small part of the creation but an integral part in the Creator’s plan.

(From Discovering Islam archive)

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