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5 Ways to Bring Quran Close to Your Heart

How often do you wake up filled with yearning to accomplish your dreams?

In order to fulfill those dreams, you desire to change your habits to more positive and productive ones. To improve your acts of worship, revive the faith within you and polish your heart which may be going rusty.

These desires drive you to engage in many activities – such as praying Tahajjud (night prayers); increased supplication, feeding the poor and needy; giving in charity; helping out in community projects; and doing dawah work.

One of such blessed activities is that of reciting the Quran.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

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Recite the Quran, for it will intercede for its companions on the day of resurrection. (Muslim)

But, rather than go through it’s recitation in a routine manner, it is important to use it to create a life changing experience. An experience that will allow you recite from the Quran with your voice, yet infuse your entire being with its essence. And through its meanings, rediscover a deep connection with your Creator.

Here are some ways you can bring Quran close to your heart insha’Allah.

Make Quality Time for the Quran

It is important to have a dedicated and distraction free period for daily recitation of the Quran. Your goal should be to recite with calmness and presence of heart, as well as study the meanings of the verses.

As a regular habit, those periods will become a private time for reflection and devotion. And it will clear the mind of the noise and chaos of daily life.

Times such as early mornings and late nights provide the much needed peace and quiet, in addition to having a relaxed body and attentive heart.

Create a Wholesome Quran Experience

Engage your eyes while reading the text either from a hard copy or compatible device. Busy your tongue with measured and melodic recitation. Fill your ears with personal recitation or listen to other reciters.

Using the different senses will make the experience deeper and more meaningful. And this can be done while cooking or traveling or when alone rather than getting consumed or distracted with negative thoughts/ activities.

Encourage others to connect with the Quran too.

Engage your spouse, children and friends to recite along while in their company. You can also listen to each other and seek corrections if reciting from memory.

Connect to Daily Life

Keep the Quran close to you – whether it’s a hard copy, on your phone, mp3 player, tablet – to recite along and listen to frequently.

Ponder deeply and take lessons from meanings, trying to connect these with daily life events. Connecting with such lessons (patience, forgiveness, modesty, hope etc.) will evoke emotions – such as tears, feeling raw and vulnerable, contentment, gratefulness, submission – all opening new doors of understanding of life and its tests.

For those who love writing you can journal the most profound connections to your personal life; for others, it is better shared with loved ones.

Convey from me even if it is only one verse of the Qur’an. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Open your Heart

This Quran has been given to us as a gift for guidance. Guidance to the path of peace we often crave. As our hearts are always yearning for peace, and calmness amidst the busyness of life.

This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah… (2:2)

When you open your heart to find guidance through the verses of the Quran, you will be able to reflect on the purpose of your existence & how to fulfil it.

You must always remember that the Quran is your number one source of guidance and a guidance for all of mankind.

Ask Allah Almighty

Make sincere Dua for a heart that is attached to the Quran and submits to it. And limbs that act upon it’s teachings and a character that is reformed through the lessons within.

It isn’t simply enough to read the Quran daily and in the finest of tones. One must seek the truth and guidance so as to act accordingly as the companions did – combining knowledge and action. Seek and you will find light, strength, glad tidings, guidance and much more.

Why not make the Quran your trusted companion on this journey of life?

Open your heart to its guidance. And whatever your schedule, make it a top priority never to allow a day to go by without taking a new lesson from the Quran. Do it with commitment and sincerity and ask Allah to keep you steadfast.

Ask Allah to make you among those who benefit from the Quran in this life and beyond.

And to make the Quran the spring of your heart and light of your soul.

And ultimately make the Quran a witness for you and not against you on the Day of Judgment.

Take action and benefit from the Quran.

Over to Y.O.UIn what other ways do you strive to bring the Quran close to your heart regularly?