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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Skipping Prayer

Even as Muslims, we tend to forget the significance of Salah (prayer) in our lives and let it be overshadowed by our pressing everyday tasks.

Satan tends to whisper in the ears of believers and leads them to view Prayer as a ‘chore’ and consequently, gets them to look towards worldly things to attain contentment and comfort.

The moment one starts to perceive Prayer as a burden and forego it is the moment we accept defeat and hand over the victory to Satan. Therefore, no amount of emphasis laid on Prayer can do justice to the purity and sanctity of the act itself.

Prayer holds the key to each and every ailment that plagues mankind, be it social, spiritual or psychological. Being conscious of Allah (SWT) is the true aim of Prayer and it empowers the believer. Prayer is Allah’s (SWT) most favorite form of worship. It creates a direct bond between the Lord and His slave. Offering the five daily prayers every day is an act of loving Allah (SWT) not on your own terms but on His.

The daily prayers essentially make up the very backbone of what it means to be a Muslim – it keeps us high in faith every single day. Hence, every Muslim must incorporate the five daily prayers in his/her everyday life.

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Here are 5 easy steps to make sure you do not miss your Salah:

1. Understand the Importance of Prayer

One must understand that Salah was not ordained by Allah (SWT) as a means of inconvenience or to burden mankind, but was introduced to serve as a means to help and guide them. It is through Salah that a person develops a solid relationship with Allah (SWT), which goes beyond just words and oaths.

The daily prayers are obligatory for every Muslim and there is no room for purposeful avoidance of it. The very first thing that each and every one of us will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is prayer, so make sure you understand the importance of offering Salah and being regular in your prayers.

2. Put on Several Reminders for each Prayer

In the world of advanced technology, all of us own phones and tablets, which have easy-to-use alarm applications etc. Download prayer apps like Adhan that set off an alarm for each of the five prayers and refrain from ‘snoozing’ them – if you snooze, you will most likely end up forgetting and missing the prayer altogether.

You can even use sticky notes and place them in your most frequently used rooms in the house or workplace so you do not miss your Salah in the hustle bustle of the day.

3. Plan your Day around the Prayer Times, Not the other Way around

We tend to get so lost in the rat race of this temporary world that we lose sight of the bigger picture of what will matter in the permanency of the Hereafter. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, why do we prioritize worldly affairs over our prayer?

In actuality, every human being should plan his/her day around the five daily prayers because in the bigger picture, that is what is going to matter in the Hereafter, not our business meetings, shopping trips, socializing etc. Prayer serves as a shield against sin and being regular in your prayers keeps one on the right track.

4. Remind yourself, 5 Minutes won’t Hurt!

If you know you need to offer your Salah and you feel lazy, remind yourself that it is only going to take you 5-10 minutes (maximum) – which is nothing once you come to think of it! We tend to waste hours and hours on nonsensical activities such as social media browsing, TV surfing etc. but taking out 5 minutes to offer Salah seems like forever, which it is not!

So be proactive and remind yourself that those 5 minutes will not only pay off in this world but in the next as well, Insha’Allah.

5. Make Dua and Ask Allah (SWT) to Make it Easier for you

If you constantly feel like you just cannot get into the rhythm of the five daily prayers and you keep missing them, continue making sincere dua and ask for Allah’s (SWT) help in the matter. Do not give up and ask Allah (SWT) to grant you the strength and motivation to adopt the habit of regular prayers – if you call upon Him, He will respond!

Hopefully these few tips will help you find the resolve and motivation to keep up with your daily Salah and incur all its blessings and rewards in this world and the Hereafter, Insha’Allah.

Source: Islamic Finder.