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4 Traits to Gain Allah’s Pleasure by Hatim al-Asamm

Hatim Al Asamm, he was known as the mute because of how little he would speak without clear purpose. He said:

“Whoever wakes up any day upright in four matters, then such person is turning over enveloped in the good pleasure of Allah.

The first of these is complete confidence in Allah the Most High, then trust in Allah, then sincerity, then knowing Allah. And all things are made complete by knowing Allah.”

So, he says there are four things whoever has is turning over in the good pleasure of Allah. And each of these is a key quality of our beloved messenger (peace be upon him).

1- Confidence

He says, ‘the first of these is having complete confidence in Allah.’

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This is the state of the one (peace be upon him) who is in the cave just him and his companion, a tiny little cave. The enemies are at the foot of the cave and the cave goes down into the mountain. And his companion said: “If only they looked towards their feet, they would see us.”

But he said:

“Worry not. Truly Allah is with us, truly Allah is with us.”

2- Trust in Allah

Then trust in Allah. Tawakkul is to let another take care of your affairs; you’ve entrusted your affairs to another. It is knowing that all matters are in the hands of Allah.

The beloved messenger (peace be upon him) was one day resting against a tree during the dirt during a journey, because if you put the sword on the ground it gets really hot, a desert Arab grabbed the sword and woke the Prophet and said:

“Who will protect you from me?”

And the Prophet didn’t just woken up, he looked at the man with complete certainty and said:


And the man was so shocked. Then, he dropped the sword. The Prophet took the sword and said:

Who will protect you from me?

The desert Arab said:

“Be of the best of those who take.”

And the Prophet said:

You are free for the sake of Allah.

Then that man became a believer.

3- Sincerity

Then sincerity, which is to act only for the sake of Allah. Sincerity in one’s acts of worship is obligatory. The Prophet tells us:

The actions are by their intentions, and each person shall only have what they intended.

In acts of worship, sincerity is obligatory, but in every action even worldly, intention enables you to gain reward from even the mundane.

Allah describes our beloved messenger:

Truly you are upon the most tremendous of character.

The scholars wondered what does it mean that the character of the Prophet was tremendous, and not only tremendous, but above and beyond being described even as tremendous in character?

Some of them said, it’s because the Prophet upheld the divine call.

Be easygoing, command the good and turn away from the ignorant.

But, when imam Junaid al-Baghdadi, who was known as the Imam of the of the two groups of the scholars of the outward and the scholars, was asked why was the character of the Prophet tremendous, he said:

“The character of the Prophet was tremendous because he had no concern besides his Lord. Everything that he did of his beautiful conduct and character all of it was beautiful and beautified because he had one concern which is Allah.”

It is sincerity that beautifies actions. And sincerity is that you act and respond for the sake of Allah.

4- Knowledge

To know Allah and to be conscious of Allah, to be in a state of awareness of Allah, to see everything as being from Allah.

Say, it is all from Allah.

That you worship Allah as though you behold Him.

And that is the meaning that completes everything.

All things are made complete by knowing Allah because the point of everything else is Allah. Everything besides Allah is a sign pointing towards Allah, pointing to the beauty of Allah, the majesty of Allah, the perfection of Allah.