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3 Things Will Follow You to the Grave, Only 1 Will Save You

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says:

 Three things will follow you to the grave: your family, your wealth, and your deeds. Two things will come back and only one thing will remain with you. (Muslim)

 This is the reality because Prophet Muhammad doesn’t speak from his own vain desires; rather what he speaks is revelation from Allah.

In the Grave, Only Your Deeds That Will Save You

Many times when I go to the funeral, I remember asking myself, “How does your work follow you to the grave?”

 So, I remember one time someone in the area was shot; and naturally at the mosque there were the boys, the tats, the big gold chains, the Gucci heads, and the Lamborghini Gallardo parked outside…

And this all followed into the grave; the money went, the Louis Vuitton shoes, and the brightly watches with the diamond bezels… so all of these followed the man to the grave. They buried the man, twenty minutes later everyone’s walking away. The family made dua, a couple of tears, and walked back.

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What was he left with in his grave?


He was left with his deeds. If he did good, he will verily see; and if he did bad, he will surely see.

Keep the Love of Allah in Your heart

The love of this world is crippling us. I went the Hajj this year, but even on the day of Arafah I absolutely struggled to get a tear.

Instead of filling the heart up with the love of Allah, I filled it up with the love of this dunya.

An example of you missing Fajr for ten years and you haven’t moved an inch because of it.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

The sunnah of fajr is worth more than the world and what it contains. (At-Tirmidhi)

We’re missing fajr day after day, but if a piece of metal was to be taken away from the man, that hurts.


Because this heart has been filled with the love of this world and it hasn’t been filled with the love of Allah.

We understand the value of the Mercedes-Benz, but we have no comprehension whatsoever for the way of Prophet Muhammad.

Allah says in the Quran:

Verily you love wealth. (Quran 89:20)

We are clinging on to rubbish, we’re clinging on to that which will be left; and we’re hanging on to that which will go nowhere.

It is the love of this world that is destroying every single one of us.