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3 Quran Stories to Help You Overcome Demotivation

We all have Dreams.

Along with B.I.G goals competing to make it into reality.

Whether it’s publishing your writing, launching a passion project or balancing your career with marriage; you want to leave a great legacy as a source of reward and to benefit many generations coming after you.

It will take loads of motivation to keep you walking towards those BIG goals of yours and accomplishing them. You will experience pain, difficulties, failure and interferences from those around you. It isn’t unusual to feel deflated, crumpled, crippled and demotivated along the way.

Demotivation is normal as long as it doesn’t become the order of your daily life. And it also doesn’t become a nightmare that takes over your entire journey towards your goals.

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You can overcome demotivation from the inspirational content of the Quran.

Quran stories will serve as a remedy to boost your motivation. You need to approach these stories with awe, hope and presence of mind. Read brief summaries of three of such stories below.

I never cease to find huge inspiration and motivation from them.

Story of Jacob (peace be upon him)

Jacob (peace be upon him) was betrayed by his own children. He was forcefully separated from his young son – Yusuf (peace be upon him). Yet, he still harbored dreams of uniting with him again and his actions and utterances proved this.

He said:

I complain of my sorrow and my grief only to Allah… (Quran 12:86)

(drawing his motivation from correct knowledge and consciousness of Allah).

Jacob (peace be upon him) remained steadfast even as he cried repeatedly over the hopelessness of the situation. It caused him deep hurt and unhappiness but he never wavered from putting His sole trust in Allah. That was his solace and kept him going.

Motivation Prompt. *OPEN UP*.

Stay tuned-in to your dreams and goals even when all feels lost and you feel drained of energy and interest. Admit your sense of demotivation, weakness and imperfection to Him and cry if you feel the urge. Open up to Allah again and again and again.

Story of Prophet Jonah (peace be upon him)

Jonah (peace be upon him), better known as the companion of the fish (Quran 69) lost his motivation while calling his people to Tawheed.

He felt frustrated and angry; and decided to call it quits on those BIG goals. He gave up at a point of weakness and came to realize this later after he fled.

Jonah (peace be upon him) fell into grief, feeling sad about his actions. What did he do? He was strong enough to admit his error and hurried to make corrections. He called on the One Who he had wronged for help.

And the person of the fish when he left in anger and thought that We would not straighten things for him. He prayed in the darkness saying,” There is no ilaah but You. You are Pure. I have certainly been from among the wrongdoers. So we responded to his du’aa and rescued him from distress. Thus do We rescue the Mu’mineen (from difficulties). (Quran 21: 87-88)

Motivation Prompt. *ADMIT MISTAKES*.

You will make mistakes and fail over and over. But do not lose sight of your goals and the Pleasure of the One you are trying to attain through your efforts.

Stay on top of things by turning to Allah first to rescue you from your sea of demotivation. Then keep glorifying Him and seeking His assistance every step of the way. He rescued the companion of the fish, He can rescue you from any situation.

Story of Prophet Job (peace be upon him)

Job (peace be upon him) experienced great difficulties, as he was tested with his wealth, health and family. He was distressed just as you will be if you are tested on these important blessings. He remained patient, believing that only Allah can cure him. His patience paid off when the time was right. His losses were restored and even multiplied.

Satan tried to put evil thoughts in his mind and that of his wife – his last companion standing. But Job remained patient. What remarkable patience. Job was patient and penitent.

‘Verily Shaytan has afflicted me with pain and difficulty…” (Quran 38: 41)

Motivation Prompt. *BE PATIENT*.

Acknowledge your pain, distress and emotions after all you are only human. But do seek patience.

You may feel an internal pain that burns, hurts and demotivates. The only cure is patience. Patience in the knowledge that Allah is All Aware of what you are going through and will make things right sooner or later.

Take Daily Steps

Read through the stories slowly while pondering and relating the unfolding events to your own life events. Take notes on everything that impacts you most strongly at that moment while reading – like a supplication, a fulfilled promise, an inspiration or a happy ending.

Do this in the morning, and read though your notes as the day progresses.

How do you feel? I assure you of relief, great energy and motivation to kick-start your goals.

Don’t abandon these notes. Keep them with you and reflect over them regularly. And don’t make it a substitute for reading the Quran. It is a tool to help you strengthen your interaction with the entire Quran. And a healthy portion to serve your immediate need.

It always works for me.

The Test of this Life

This life is a test upon test upon test.

You may suffer financial losses, creative slumps, betrayal from friends and loved ones or negative thoughts from deep within.

It’s OK.

Imagine the painful and unexpected separation between Jacob and his son; the emotional state of Jonah while in the darkness of the belly of the fish deep within the sea; and the seemingly worsening condition of Job (peace be upon them).

Can you imagine their financial, psychological and moral bankruptcy at those instances in their lives?

How did they bounce back?

By leveraging their spiritual assets – turning to Allah in hope, gratitude, beautiful supplication and openness. They were not afraid of showing their weakness to Allah and you shouldn’t either.

Next Steps…

Whenever you feel low, demotivated and derailing from your goals, make Wudu and pick up the Quran.

Read through the stories of Jacob, Jonah and Job (peace be upon them) and progress towards your goals with simple daily steps.

Be steadfast. Admit mistakes. Be patient with yourself and with situations around you.

Turn to Allah consistently and with full consciousness. He will fuel your journey towards your Goals – with the needed motivation and reward you with multiple blessings.

Which of these 3 stories do you find most motivating?


(From Discovering Islam archive)