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2 Things Happen When Allah Loves You

If Allah loves you, you’ll gain two things:

1- Allah Will Mention You by Name

Allah will call angel Gabriel and says:

I love my servant so and so, therefore you must love him as well.

You know when I mention this hadith, I get goosebumps!

Imagine if there an important person in your country who calls you for invitation, or calls someone who has a lot of power on your behalf. And then that important person mentions you, whether it’s the king, the president… I guarantee you, you’ll feel so honored and you’ll share that with everybody that you know, you feel proud, you feel important.

But imagine if Allah calls Jibreel and says to him:

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I love my servant so and so, therefore you must love him as well.

Jibreel would not object because angels don’t disobey Allah, they will love you immediately.

But I want you to imagine the status of this, and it did happen to one of the companions when the Prophet Muhammad said to Ubay ibn Ka’b:

O Ubay, Allah commanded me to recite chapter 98 of the Quran to you.

Ubay couldn’t imagine him being a simple human being, him being nothing but a mercy of Allah. He accepted Islam through the mercy of Allah, he memorized the Quran through the mercy of Allah, he became a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the mercy of Allah, yet Allah ordered His messenger to recite chapter Al-Bayyinah to Ubay ibn Ka’b.

Ubay couldn’t process that so he said the Prophet Muhammad:

“O messenger of Allah, Allah named me by my name?”

He said:


Ubay started tearing and crying. (Al-Bukhari)

2- You Will Not Be Touched by Hellfire

The Prophet Muhammad said:

By Allah, Allah will not throw the ones that He loves into Hellfire. (Mustadrak Al-Hakeem)

So if Allah loves you, fire will never touch you.

We ask Allah to make us from those whom He loves.

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