Tips to Utilize Time While We Socialize in Ramadan

Letting our social lives become spiritual.

One of the most impactful pieces of advice I have come across regarding Ramadan is from a companion who said,

“Don’t let your days of fasting be like your days of eating.”

Utilize Ramadan

We spend 11 months of our year living a certain kind of way. This month is a chance for us to calibrate every aspect of our lives towards Allah. We change our daily schedules, our evening plans, our menus, our playlists, our YouTube habits – all for Allah.

One aspect of our lives that we can shift is how we socialize in Ramadan. We don’t have to cut off anyone or ignore people, but try to utilize our social relationships in a way that encourages our growth towards Allah.

Reading together, praying together, breaking fast together is one way.

Stay tuned as Br Abdel Rahman Murphy advises us on how to  spiritually enrich our social life this month.