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Ramadan Goals… If You Drift, Get Back on Track

We enter the month setting a variety of goals for ourselves, including (but not limited to) staying away from bad habits and establishing good deeds as habits.

The reality is there will come a moment where we slip – either back into a bad habit, or we will lose our momentum of doing the good we had been doing .

We may miss a Fajr, for example, after not missing for a week; at that moment we feel like it has all been ruined, my month is over.

Back on Track

Don’t think this, ever. There is still opportunity after the fact. When we sin, we are given the moment to develop the strength of repentance.

– How quickly did we turn back to Allah after stumbling?

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– How quickly did we return back to doing that good deed once we had missed it for a day or two?

– Did we feel pain in the slip away from Allah?

Br. Abdel Rahman Murphy reminds us that in the moments we fall, there is a unique opportunity to get back up and continue our path to Allah.