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One Useful Tip for the Night of Qadr

Here is a great tip for the Night of Qadr!

These last ten nights are so incredibly important, the value of each moment can be felt. We all want to make sure we use our time to the best of our ability. We all don’t want to miss the night.

What’s one way we can do this? Set a routine and a schedule for yourself, a worship itinerary, where you do at least the same set of worship each night.

Reflect upon and strategize each night where maybe 2 or 4 extra rak’ah nafl, and a dua that you’ve reviewed may be added.

Night of Qadr

You may be able to squeeze in one, two, or three really amazing nights where you go to a Qiyam or spend the night in the masjid or at home worshiping.

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However, getting all 10 nights at that level may be tough. Set yourself this regimen so you don’t miss it!

Join Br Abdel Rahman Murphy as he tells us how.