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Laylat Al-Qadr… Why Is It Called So? Here Are 4 Meanings

What Is the meaning of Laylat Al-Qadr and Why Is it Called So? 

In these 10 nights, we work hard to get closer to Allah. We do extra effort hoping that we will gt the special blessings of Laylat Al-Qadr.

Ever Wondered About the Meaning of Laylat Al-Qadr?

In this video, Dr. Yasir Qadhi mentions 4 meanings of the word Qadr and Night of Qadr:

1- Qadr means importance, dignity and honor.  Laylat Al-Qadr is called so because it is a very important and dignified night.

2- The second meaning is close to the first but it is related to believers who worship Allah on this night; they are dignified and honored people.

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3- Qadr also means constriction; Laylat Al-Qadr is called so because a huge number of Angels come down in this night to Earth. It will be congested with honorable angels.

4- Qadr means predestination; on this night Allah decides and decrees what will happen in the next year.