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As Ramadan Finishes Make Duaa for Your Mosque’s Hafidh

One of the most difficult jobs in the month of Ramadan is, perhaps without a doubt, the job of the hafidh (one who has memorized the Quran). These are the men who led our congregations in our daily and nightly prayers.

The stress they faced is inconceivable to many of us. However, at times we still have the audacity to be critical of their memorization and/or recitation.

Those who have committed their lives toward learning and protecting the Qur’an deserve our love and our appreciation. They deserve to be overlooked when they make small mistakes here and there.

Make Duaa

They should be included in our duaas. So, don’t forget your imam in the remaining hours of Ramadan.

Watch this short video by Brother AbdelRahman Murphy .

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