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8 Programs for Better Spirituality in Ramadan

8 Programs for Better Spirituality in Ramadan

One of the blessings of Ramadan is the beautiful series of reminders and talks by Imams and scholars. They touch on diverse topics that aim to enrich our Ramadan experience, increase our faith and improve our spirituality.

Below, we collected some of these series. If you know more, please share them in the comments:

Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Pearls from the Quran

Daily reflections on selected parts of the Quran, starting from the very beginning with Khatirahs from Surat Al-Baqarah.

Imam Omar Suleiman: The Faith Revival

Ramadan is the best time to strengthen your faith and revive it.Here you learn about why faith is important and how to protect it from wearing out. The series is produced by Yaqeen Institute and republished in our Reading Islam page.

Dr. Tariq Ramadan: Chronicles of Ramadan

Every day Dr. Ramadan picks an ayah from a new part of the Quran and tell us about the values and teachings in it. Themes discussed so far include Nice short and to the point reflections.

Imam Zaid Shakir: 30 Lights for 30 Nights

A beautiful collection of spiritual topics that will recharge your soul battery. Themes in this series include: Unleashing Spiritual Energy in Ramadan, Giving Preference to Pleasing God and Fasting is a Ticket to Paradise

Ustadh Nouman Khan: Ramadan with the Quran

A series of reflections on the Surahs of the last part of the Qura. Each video speaks about one Surah.

AbdelRahman Murphy : #instagramadan

A series of short and beautiful pieces of advices that touch on various topics related to Ramadan. Topics include: Your intention in Ramadan, addition by subtraction!, Ramadan Muslims and more.

Usama Canon: FAST Reminders

Just as the title reveals, this series offers fast videos about the month of fast. Beautiful, important and to the point pieces of advice.

Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda: Living the Quran

This series is all about the Quran. In each of its short videos, you learn a new aspect about the Book of Allah.

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