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The Massacre of Karbala’: A Historical Analysis

A journey back in history to revisit one of the most controversial and misconstrued events in Islamic history: the massacre of Karbala.

  • Are Sunnis ‘on the side of Yazid’ or ‘on the side of Al-Husain’?
  • Who is to blame for the death of Al-Husain?
  • Should we curse Yazid?

Join Dr. Yasir Qadhi as he analyzes and contextualizes the events that led up to the martyrdom of Al-Husain (may Allah be pleased with him), its occurrence and aftermath.

In this Video:

  • Love of the Prophet’s Household between two extremes
  • Who are the Prophet’s Household
  • Two civil wars between Muslims
  • Hassan resignation of Caliphate
  • Stance towards Companions’ political decisions
  • Husain’s cousin in Kufa
  • Ibn `Umar advice to Husain
  • Tragedy of Husain Murder: Who are the culprits?
  • Birth of theological Shi’ism
  • Political Shi’ism vs. theological Shi’ism

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