Dr. Yasir Qadhi Shares Thoughts on Christchurch Mosque Shooting

In this video, Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses several significant points following the Christchurch mosque shooting.

Islamophobia is a Real Threat

  • The manifesto published by the terrorist reflects the rhetoric of far right politicians
  • The massacre can reach any community even the most peaceful of places just as it did New Zealand
  • In the last  18 months, 100 percent of mass shootings in the US are committed by the far right
  • This mass shooter is not coming out of vacuum

How to Respond? Words and Actions

  • Put trust in Allah; without faith we will not win any battle
  • Understand where Islamophobia comes from (e.g. media and propaganda)
  • Counter the claims, educate ourselves and others
  • Take active role and demonstrating to people the reality of Islam

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