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This Is Why Imam Malik Was Called the Vessel of Knowledge

His teacher called him the Vessel of Knowledge because of his exceptional learning capabilities and his strong passion to seek knowledge. Imam Malik ibn Anas was a dignified, courageous and great scholar of elevated status.

His life story was full of inspiring lessons and moving moments. In this video, we learn about the role played by his mother to raise him as a scholar; his learning and scholarship journey and the standards he set to enroll students in his circle.

He had amazing encounters with rulers of his time that revealed his integrity, dignity and courage. His story with the Caliph’s kids who misbehaved and showed lack of respect when seeking knowledge was full of lessons.

Like all great figures, his life was not free of tests and hardships. He went through a sad experience in his last years due to some evil reports made by jealous contemporaries of him. It was so difficult time and bitter experience that he could not attend prayer in congregation for years.

What was happened to this great Imam and how did his life went?

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Join Sheikh Navid Aziz in this informative and rich video.

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