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Imam Abu Hanifah: The Affluent & Intelligent Scholar

One of the greatest imams of Fiqh and Islamic Scholarship, Imam Abu Hanifah led a marvelous life of piety and knowledge seeking.

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Who Is Imam Abu Hanifah?

In this video Sheikh Navid Aziz explores the life of this great imam, recounting beautiful stories about his journey with knowledge, his dealings with average people, his care for students and his encounters with politicians of the time.

– How did imam Abu Hanifah started pursuing knowledge?

– How did his partner in business help him in this endeavor?

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– Did Abu Hanifah really recite the Qur’an 70 thousand times?

– And why was he jailed by the Caliph at the time?

A very informative and interesting episode, full of inspiration and useful lessons. Do not miss it!

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