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Should The Wife Serve Her In-Laws? (A Non-Muslim Asks)

One of the questions I received states the following:

I am a non-Muslim working in Kuwait for a few years and I have been very close to accepting Islam as I was impressed by a very pious Muslim colleague and wanted to marry him. So, I wanted to learn more about Islam.

The man is a Pakistani brother and to know his culture I got close to another Muslim female colleague who is married to a Pakistani family.

I’m studying about Islam in the Qur’an where the rights of a wife are so impressive and follow equity. But when I see my female friend’s life, I find that she is asked to do so much work for her in-laws and is forced by her husband to take care of her mother-in-law who tortures her a lot by creating fights between the couple.

Also, the sister-in-laws are expecting her to work like a maid all the time. Her husband is very strict and I see a lot of injustice where he threatens her leaving her if she doesn’t listen and do what in-laws want. If this is Islam, then I am confused about becoming a Muslim. What’s your advice?

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Watch the video to know how Brother Nouman Khan answers this question.