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Watch Imam Omar Suleiman’s Prayers for Separated Children at US Borders

Save those children that we are unable to reach and hold their future that we are unable to control.

Oh Allah let mercy be placed in our hearts minds and eyes for these children.

Let us hear their cries and feel their pain and be a source of healing of their sorrows.

Oh You Who is just, let us be stirred by the injustice facing the innocent children driven by the belief that their suffering is unjustified, and unafraid to stand with them against those who oppress them.

Speaking at the Texas Democratic Convention today. Imam Omar Suleiman supplicated for the immigrant children  separated from their families at the US borders. He prayed fro them and those unjustly caged in prisons around the world.

He reminded guests that our love for one another must be stronger than the hate that causes such inhumane situation.

Act and Pray

Prayer is not a means to escape our own responsibilities. Imam Suleiman emphasizes that prayers should be accompanied with action and tireless efforts to get children out of this distressing situation.

"The most incapable of people, are those incapable of prayer." This is what came to my mind in these gut wrenching 20…

Posted by Omar Suleiman on Sunday, 24 June 2018


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Bear Witness

Imam Suleiman’s efforts to bring justice do not go unnoticed. A member of a Dallas-based interfaith coalition, he traveled to Ursula Border Patrol Processing Center in McAllen, Texas to bear witness” and try to inspect the facility to “see if children were visible. And he shared this distressing post


Still processing.One by one as I reached up and put my hand on the glass, a crying child put their hand to mine and…

Posted by Omar Suleiman on Saturday, 23 June 2018


In front of the concentration camps. Kids being picked up and transported.

Posted by Omar Suleiman on Saturday, 23 June 2018

Other Imams also denounced the inhumane family separation policy.

“I cannot even think of what those innocent souls must be going through. Every time a video or audio comes up on my feed of those detention camps, I cannot bear to watch or listen to it,” Dr. Yaser Qadhi posted on his Facebook page recently. Read his full post here.