Tariq Ramadan: Between Individual and Community Work

Islam adopts a balanced approach. In your endeavor to worship Allah and strengthen your relationship with Him, there are two dimensions to take care of. The first and starting point is to educate and reform your own soul as a duty that you, as an individual, is responsible for. That is the obligation every one, Individual education and self-reform

The second dimension is the collective side: you belong to different circles that you should nurture and care for, the closer by the closer, starting with the first social group, that is, the family, then the neighborhood and the local level, the Muslim community and the human family.

However, very often we have a wrong understanding of priorities. Some of us are so active; they attend conventions and join organizations but they end up neglecting themselves. On the other hand, some others do not want to be involved in such collective wok and rather focus on their spiritual development and thus they end up not being active. This is not the way we have to look at the whole picture.

The solution is there in the legacy of the Prophet and his guidance. It all revolves around a relationship of love that you should maintain with Allah. Dr. Tariq Ramadan explains how this special relationship can help us trike this balance.