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Muslims & Halloween: Celebrate or Not?

It is Halloween; if you are a Muslim parent you may be thinking about many questions.

– Is it OK to participate in this occasion?

– Should I let my kids go knock the doors to collect candy?

– From where did all these practices come in the first place?

– And how can Mosques and Islamic centers make use of this occasion?

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Join Dr. Shabir Ally for a useful answers.

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About Dr. Shabir Ally
Dr. Shabir Ally holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature. He also holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Quranic Exegesis. He is the president of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International in Toronto where he functions as Imam. He travels internationally to represent Islam in public lectures and interfaith dialogues. He explains Islam on a weekly television program called "Let the Quran Speak". Past episodes of this show can be seen online at: