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Khan: Abusive Relations in the Name of Islam

Abusive relationships are common; it is not unusual to come across cases where parents abuse their kids or a husband harassing his wife.

However, one particular way of abuse is special in that it is conducted in the name of Islam; in one story told by Ustadh Nouman Khan in this session, a mother would hasten to chant, “May Allah curse you!” to her daughter if she does such a minor thing as not putting enough salt on food.

Obviously, some parents abuse the high status they are assigned by Islam to take advantage of their kids; a husband would exploit his wife under the pretext of her duties towards him. Still worse, sometimes such abuse goes far beyond the emotional and psychological dimensions to involve physical abuse too.

In this session, Ustadh Nouman Khan hosts Sr. Haleh Banani, MA in Clinical Psychology, to discuss this issue and answer questions about why this problem appears and how to deal with a relative of this type.

In this video:

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  • Using fear tactics to control others
  • Alienating others from Islam using religion
  • Possible roots of this attitude
  • How to overcome the problem

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