How to Influence a Non-Practicing Family

Do you live in a family that is not practicing; a family whose relationship to Islam is no more than just having Muslim names in their ID cards?

Do you suffer their continuous criticism of your effort to practice your religion; are you the object of their sarcasm because you grow beards or wear Hijab?

How to deal with such sensitive, frustrating situations? Is it OK to severe relations with such family members?

In this fascinating video, Ustaz Noaman Khan touches on these questions and gives practical tips and answers.

In this Video

– Facing family problems because of your religiosity?

– We are Muslims; but not “Muslim” Muslims!

– When family is more dangerous than enemy.

– Worst enemy of the Prophet.

– The only Da`wah opportunity for the family.

– How to treat “defiant” parents?

– Why to bother anyway?

– It is all about your care for your family.

– How would Prophets respond?