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Imam Azeez: Don’t Take Kids’ Respect for Granted

Many Muslim countries still cherish Islamic values of dutifulness and kids’ respect to parents. That makes it easier for kids to learn and practice these norms. On the other hand, that is not necessarily the case in Western countries where values of individual freedom and personal success have the upper hand.

The problem emerges when parents living in the West expect their kids to treat them the same way they used to treat their parents back home. But they get frustrated when the behavior of their children is not up to their expectation.

They take their kids’ respect and love for granted; and thus they get disappointed.

So, what to do?

Parents need to work hard and be creative to instill these values in their kids. In this sermon, Imam Azeez emphasizes that before requiring the children to fulfill their duties, parents need to do their homework first. they need to carry out their obligations towards their kids which includes attention to children’s morals and values.

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted - About Islam

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Imam Azeez criticizes two patterns of parenting; some parents only care about the academic achievement of their kids and completely ignore developing other skills that makes a successful human being.

Another group of parents would only focus on their kids’ fulfillment of Islamic rituals with no serious attention to teaching them the meaning of what they practice and why they do it. The Imam exclaims, how can they pray to someone they do not know; one who has never been introduced to them?

This is an informative and eye-opening sermon; do not miss it.