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How Long Can Wife Stand Her Husband’s Absence? Umar Asks

Once Caliph Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) was patrolling the streets of Madinah. He heard a woman reading some poetry. She was saying with a sad tone:

‘Had it not been for my faith in Allah, my bed that I sleep on would have been shaken with some illicit act.’

Umar learned that this woman missed her husband who was out of town on a jihad mission.

Care for Women Needs

Umar was concerned about the predicament of this lady and other women going through the same experience.

So, he went to his daughter, Hafsah, and asked her: ‘How long can a wife stand that her husband is away from her?’

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Hafsa was embarrassed by the blunt question; but Umar explained that he wanted the info to issue a decree in the interest of Muslims.

So, she answered that the period is about 4 months.

Based on that, Umar commanded that soldiers should not exceed 4 months on duty. He also ordered that this lady’s husband to come home.

Join Sister Lobna Mulla as she recounts and comments on the story.

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