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Dr. Qadhi: Separating Children from Parents at Border Is Barbaric

I have refrained from commenting on a story that has not left my mind since it surfaced. The inhumane and incomprehensible Trump policy of separating children from their parents and locking them up.  This is for no crime other than – let’s face it – the color of their skin and the geographic location of their birth.

I haven’t commented simply because I have a tender heart when it comes to children. I cannot even think of what those innocent souls must be going through. Every time a video or audio comes up on my feed of those detention camps, I cannot bear to watch or listen to it.

I still, to this writing, haven’t been able to force myself to see or hear any clip.


My heart is truly shattered to see how cruel humans can be. How can such policies still be defended by so many politicians. Politicians  who are parents and have children of their own, regardless of their political views and privileged upbringing.

But if there is any good in all of this, it is to show to the whole world. To show Muslim and non-Muslim, white and black and all colors in between, American or ‘other’, how utterly bankrupt and morally depraved a large segment of this nation, including the current administration, is.

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The very fact that weeks have gone by and the situation only deteriorates, and is still being defended by so many, speaks volumes. It reveals the ineffectiveness and stagnation of the current climate of this land.

The Land of the Free

For those who still harbored notions of ‘America’ being the land of the free and the home of the brave.

For misguided souls who somehow felt that because this nation is technologically the most advanced it somehow must be the morally superior.

Also, for those blinded by the military might of this land or the global domination of its entertainment industry: it should now be clear.  When a country snatches toddlers and handicapped children away from its parents and throws them in effective animal kennels, that far from being a role model for this world, its values and morality are close to non-existent.

Imagine, invoking the Bible, and presuming that Jesus would approve of this barbaric inhumanity that is more akin to Pharaoh than the prophets of God!

We as MUSLIMS are insulted that these pseudo-Christians mess up the interpretation of the Bible. We are insulted by their racist justifications, besmirching the pure name of Jesus, who would be the first to rebuke these people who invoke his name.

Arrogance Gets the Better of a Nation

Yet there is wisdom in all of this, for all who pay heed.

We learn that this is what happens when arrogance gets the better of a nation.

This is what happens when fictional concepts like the nation-state define you more than real concepts like morality, theology and faith.

This is what happens when one follows each and every sensual pleasure, and neglects the higher purposes of life.

This is what happens when religion and morality are relegated to smaller and smaller private spheres, and hedonism and materialism are allowed to reign supreme.

This is what happens when you turn away from God, and worship your own self.

To rephrase our Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam), what can we do when it appears that God has punished these leaders by taking away mercy from their hearts?!

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Our Role

I have never in my life given to a charity that deals with local politics or advocacy issues. In fact I have always given to the poor and orphans and those struck by natural calamities, etc.

However, for this cause, truly I am compelled to say that we MUST give to political groups that are lobbying against this barbaric practices. We MUST help any organization that is attempting to reunite children with their mothers.

Please leave suggestions in the comments below along with links and references to the organization of your choice, for all to see.

May Allah bring mercy to the hearts of those who appear to have lost it!
May Allah comfort those innocent children, and reunite them with their parents swiftly!


This article is based on a Facebook post published by Dr. Yasir Qadhi on his FB page.