How to Deal with Today’s Teenagers (Islamic Reflections)

Teenagers are hurricanes of hormones and emotions. They are transitioning from adolescence to adulthood as fast as they can in an increasingly malicious world. No less so are Muslim children in the West.

Now more than ever, parents need to oversee and watch over, however not lord over, their teenage children. Parents must play a role in influencing teens’ religious lives and what better way than through example.

For a few lucky people parents serve as a spiritual support system however this is not always the case. What can we do to help our teens grow spiritually and make them good practicing Muslims in a world which pulls in the other direction?

Dr. Tariq Ramadan discusses measures and guidelines parents can adhere to with regards to religion. He covers what to do and what not to revealing that if done intelligently we can prove to our teens that the religious experience is the true feeling of understanding and joy.


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