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Coffee Is Haram? How to Deal with a Strange Fatwa

From time to time, we come across strange fatwas.

Did you know that 5 centuries ago, drinking coffee in Makkah or in Cairo was illegal, punishable by jail and lashing? Why? Because it was the prevalent fatwa and fiqhi opinion that coffee was unlawful as a type of intoxicants.

One more example: did you know that once upon a time, owning a printing press was punishable to execution? Muslims were deprived of the benefits of printing for centuries partly because some scholars believed it is haram.

There are more examples, some of which are very recent.

But why some scholars adopt such opinions? Why are some fiqhi opinions disconnected from the real life?

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In this important, informative and relevant lecture, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi sheds light on this sensitive topic. He lists more examples, discusses the causes behind such phenomenon, highlights the dilemma of living in the West and outsourcing fatwas and gives a 5-point prescription for dealing with controversial issues.

In this Video:

  • Why some scholars are disconnected from reality
  • There is only one Islam: A cliché?
  • Debate about gender issue
  • How did Prophet Lut deal with his homosexual neighbors?
  • 5 rules to deal with controversial issues.
  • Insourcing or outsourcing fatwas?