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Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Future Imams need to remember that every precious and great thing requires hard work and huge efforts.

No different to this is knowledge, even more so knowledge in Islam. It is the noblest thing in life; it can never be attained but through continuous work, staying up nights, repetition, giving up comforts and denying one’s enjoyments.

Imam Mohamed Abutaleb gives tips to Muslim youth who aspires to serve their community and be active in the mosque. He mentions Prophet Ibrahim (peace and blessings be upon him) as a prime example of vision and sacrifice.

He expressed how it is necessary for youths in the US to preoccupy themselves with matters of value in order to make real achievements.

This video reminds us that while knowledge is important we should take advantage of our local resources and invest in them and learn gradually in the process.

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