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Beautiful Walls & Empty Halls? 4 Steps to Effective Mosques

How can we create and maintain effective mosques?

Muslims are the youngest religious demographic in the US. Yet, similar to other respective religious organizations, mosques today are not able to capture the fascination of the younger generation. Imam Mohamed Abutaleb addressed this issue during the 15th MAS-ICNA Convention.

In this lecture, He maintains that the solution lies in reconsidering the priorities of Muslims’ mosques and institutions. Four priorities, in particular, should be on the top of the Muslim community’s agenda to have effective institutions.

  • How to attract and prepare the best and brightest of our youth to serve as Imams and religious leaders?
  • What is the importance of empowering the Muslim community with appropriate governance system?
  • How to accommodate the ever-complaining and critical community members?
  • Why should institutions care for succession plans?
  • And how all these questions contribute to the development of effective mosques and Islamic Centers?

Join Imam Abutaleb in this important, eye opining talk.

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