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The U-Turn That Made History… Umar Embraced Islam

How many of us have wanted to change one thing or another in those around us?

Who hasn’t dreamed of changing the world?

To change things one must learn to change himself first. This video relays the beautiful story of Umar Bin Khattab and how he embraced Islam. A lot of lessons

Umar Embraced Islam

Once a rabid enemy of Islam, Umar’s change allowed Islam to gain new strength. Muslims were now emboldened to dare the pagans.

Dr Mohannad Hakeem tells us what attributes are necessary to be the change we need.
Listen to the story, learn what an ‘Umar moment’ is, try to apply and don’t go with the flow.

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About Dr. Mohannad Hakeem
Dr. Mohannad Hakeem is an educator, activist, and author who has studied traditionally under multiple scholars in the Muslim world for the past 20 years. He is originally from Lebanon and currently resides in Dearborn, MI, USA, where he has helped establish multiple community initiatives and organizations, with a focus on youth empowerment and education. His most recent book, "The 40 Hadith on Community Service," draws inspiration from the Quran and the Sunnah to provide young Muslims with an "algorithm" for success and excellence in both the worldly life and the afterlife. In his professional career, Dr. Hakeem earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. In this role, he has taught several students, conducted research, and authored 80+ patents and technical papers.