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Be Less Wasteful This Ramadan!

Become less wasteful this month.

Ramadan is a month of minimalism, a month of reduction. Moreover it is a month of being more purposeful with our resources.

Sometimes, though, in a tragically ironic twist, we find that this month can put us in situations.

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we find that we are wasteful. This is in some kind of response to the abundance that’s provided for us.

An Opportunity to Be Less Wasteful

Masjid iftars tossing plates with food left on them, half eaten bowls of dessert, water bottles with only one sip taken out of them.  all these are signs of a very serious disease of ingratitude, being manifested in our wastefulness.

One of my personal goals this Ramadan is to become ultra conscious of how wasteful I am. I have decided to limit that waste to a bare minimum – I invite you all to join me.

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