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Rekindle Your Ramadan Passion Through Week Two!

3. Ask for help

In an extreme case of dryness, we need the help and support of others. Ask a friend to help you retain the level. What are friends for anyway?

Make full use of a close friend or a family member; one you feel you can share your Ramadan worshiping habits with. Call on them to encourage you to continue while keeping tabs on you while they’re at it.

This will not only encourage you, but will deepen your brotherhood and sisterhood, as well. Who knows, maybe having the courage to align your life with Allah’s priorities will inspire others who are feeling this, to do the same.

This may include:

– Being honest

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– Asking for prayer

– Receiving assistance

In the process, understand that this is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

4. Take a moment to breathe

Before we fix our DVD, we have to stop the playback. Before we fill up our car’s gas tank, we have to turn off the engine.

While I am not suggesting that recharging our soul requires us to quit all activity and sit still for an hour; I do suggest we need to hit pause on some of our activity, if only for 10 minutes.

Realize that your mind needs to be free to go to Allah the Almighty; in the midst of this dryness, offer praise and thanksgiving to Him that you were able to maintain this level of spiritual wellness during the first days of Ramadan.

Do not let your feelings rob you of the opportunity to praise and thank Him even when the times are not so great.

Remember, it is easy to praise Allah when things go well. However, true believers praise Him through the trials as well. 

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