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Reminder at Ali Banat’s Grave (Burial Video)

The video above shows the burial of Brother Ali Banat and a moving reminder at his grave. Listen to the Imam’s speech  in the second half of the video (at minute 13:00). He recounts and interprets a dream seen for Ali few months before his death. He also speaks about what happened during his last visit to Ali in his last hours.

A moment of Change

Cancer was the turning point in the life of Brother Ali Banat. It was a moment of dramatic change, and it was a change for the better. The successful affluent young man decided to dedicate his life and fortune for helping others, in preparation for the final journey to Allah.

Now, after years of work and volunteering that were not stopped even by cancer, Ali passed away in the blessed month of Ramadan. We ask Allah Almighty to bless his soul and shower him with mercy.

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