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Why Do I Love Allah?

I Love Him … So, I Find Love Everywhere

With my love for the Almighty growing, I feel sweetness in my heart and find overwhelming joy and happiness everywhere. And I live in harmony and love with the world and all creatures around me, all praising and glorifying Him.

Out of my love for Allah’s creatures, I shudder to think of doing any harm to them. In response to my love, I can also feel their love for me. Verily, I cannot take credit for this love. Yet, it is only by the grace of Almighty Allah Who conceals my demerits and imperfections that they –the creatures- do love me; otherwise, they never would.

I do love Him Whose love is a cure and healing, and which I do not fear overdoses thereof or any potential side effects. Contrarily, the more I take it, the more healthy and comfortable I will be, ever asking for additional doses.

I truly love Him, glorified be He. All poems of love cannot tell of the extent of my love for Him. If I were to spend my whole life in prostration to Him, shedding tears of humility and longing, I would never give due thanks to Him.

Yet, He is the All-Thankful, All-Praiseworthy, and All-Loving. To Him belong the most beautiful Names and Attributes. He accepts what is little and forgives a lot. He shows what is good in me and covers what is ugly. Let me declare it: I cannot help but love Him

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O Allah! Grant me Your love, the love of those who love You, and the love of every deed that leads me to Your love.

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