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Do You Know the ‘Forgotten’ Month of Shaban?

The month of Shaban is here. How did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and early good Muslims spend this month? Do you know why it is called the “forgotten month”?

This lecture by Sheikh Omar Suleiman has the answer, along with answers for many other questions. In this informative and comprehensive video, Sheikh Suleiman discusses different issues related to the month.

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Questions about the month of Shaban

  • Why the Prophet fasted many days of Shaban?
  • Does the month enjoy any special status in Islam?
  • What acts of worship to do in this month?
  • What bout fasting in the second half of the month, is it really haram?
  • Is there any special merit for the night of mid Shaban?

More about the month of Shaban