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When People Mock You, Trust God & Be Focused

The beautiful message in this video by Sheikh Yahya Rhodus explains basically how to remain focused and steadfast on the path to Allah despite what people say.

When we travel down that road of entertaining things that stem from other people’s unrighteousness, we are straying off the course that we are supposed to be on, that Allah desires us to stay on.

Only when we are convinced that this constant temptation will stray us off the path of being focused on the purpose of our life, will we be able to truly begin our journey.

So how do we act during these times? We can spend all our time complaining about how unfair things are, but that is getting off focus.  We

are taught to give it over to Allah, He knows what others did, He knows what they said, and He knows who’s plotted against us. Despair is something that can keep coming back, but it is something we have to keep warding off.

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We learn that even the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) faced hardships, however in this difficult undertaking, he was assured that, in due course, people would realize all Allah’s promises and blessings if they did not grow weary or stray from His path.