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Never Be Satisfied with Average Goals

In this video, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi addresses one of the problems that many of us face, that is, being content with decent achievement; not aiming high or having great ambitions. Many youth really do not have high expectations and high goals, they settle for mediocrity. They are fine with just being OK or average and they do not set their standards very high.

Sheikh Qadhi starts this motivational lecture with recounting contemporary examples of people who had such high ambitions and great determination that their average lives turned into exceptional successes. He also explains why it is important to plan for achieving the highest goals possible and he concludes with a 5-ingredient recipe to raise the bar.

In this Video:

  • A pediatrician becomes one of the top Qur’an reciters worldwide.
  • From a technician to a scholar in the Prophet’s Mosque.
  • Allah commands the Prophet to aim high.
  • Rabi`ah ibn Ka`b: The Ambitious Companion.
  • What rank of Paradise should you ask for?
  • Between worldly goals and the hereafter targets.
  • Abu Bakr and `Umar competition.
  • A race between Al-Muhajirun (the immigrants) and Al-Ansar (the helpers)
  • 5 points to raise the bar and energize your vision.