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Have Trust in Allah, Let Him Guide Your Life

At times we don’t want to relinquish control of our lives because we think we already have all the answers. We trust our judgment rather than have trust in Allah, the Almighty.

What we think is a perfect solution, though, might be completely wrong.

Allah however knows not just why we are going through what we are, but also  the purpose and positive side of it.

You will only find peace when you finally remove the thing that has occupied God’s place in your heart.

Yasmin Mogahed


Have Trust in Allah

Next time you face an unexpected challenge or difficulty, never be disappointed. Get back to Allah and seek His support and help.

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These posts by our scholars remind us that Allah is on our side and He is worthy of our trust.

That means being fully with His Qadar. He, the Almighty, is in control and He knows exactly what He is doing.

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