Can Boys be Friends with Girls? (Video)

We are just friends! That is the pretext used by many teenagers to justify indulgence in forbidden relationships that yields no fruits.

But could boys and girls really maintain pure love? And what are the chances for such love to develop into a sound marriage rather than deviates to wrong affairs?

Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts this lecture with a discussion of these two questions and then moves on to talk about the issue of love vs. arranged marriages and how this point is exploited by opponents of Islam.

This is a video that is especially important for teenagers, youth and parents who have children of this critical age and want to deal wisely with their kids’ issues and concerns and, in the meantime, to support them and protect them from falling prey to all the temptations around them.

In this Video:

  • Love marriage vs. arranged marriage
  • Muslims’ inferiority complex
  • Infatuation and halal alternative
  • First love and marriage: what chances?
  • Why porn is detrimental to society
  • Making marriage difficult
  • What if parents refuse a person I choose