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This Ramadan Learn How to Win Allah’s Love

Do I have Allah’s love?

This month is all about becoming someone who does what Allah loves.

Similarly, it is about staying away from things which we know can push us away from His love.

It’s often that we feel that we’ve done things in our past or are struggling with things in our present that have already disqualified us from Allah’s love.

We think to ourselves, “I don’t even pray on time; I’m engaged in xyz thing that I know is haram; I haven’t been to the masjid in years, etc. how can Allah love me?”

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Win Allah’s Love

Ibnul Qayyim tells us something powerful: he says, don’t look only at your outer, but look at your inner.

How do you feel when doing good? Do you enjoy it when you pray or make duaa? Do you try and remember Allah in good and bad times? These are things Allah only gives to the people he loves.
We all have struggles in keeping up the good and keeping away the bad. So let’s focus on loving the good and let Allah’s love push us to new heights.

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