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Wonderful and Inspiring Pictures from Hajj

One picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures of worship, prayers and duaa captivate the soul and soften the heart. This is why we are sharing this album.


Few days ago, pilgrims bid farewell to Kabah as they finished Hajj. Within few days, we are receiving a new Hijri year.

Between the two occasions, it is an opportunity to review our past and get back on track.

Let’s not forget those moments of Duaa, Quran and good deeds we had during the blessed days of Hajj.

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It is time for renewing our commitment to this deen. This is the best chance to make new year resolutions, inspired by the sacrifices of Prophets Ibrahim, Ismael, Muhammad and all other honorable Prophets and their followers (peace be upon them all).

Here is a collection of beautiful pictures of worship during Hajj. They present special moments of devotion to Allah.

Look at them and reflect. Ask Allah Almighty to grant you sincerity and closeness to Him.

The pics here are from this year and last years.

We thank all pages whose images are impeded here. And special thanks for Imam Abu Eesa‘s Hajj group from UK for recording precious moments Hajj and for permitting us to share them here.

Left up your heart with these spirituality-reviving pictures of worship:








قد سمع الله تلبيتك أيها الصغير ❤️❤️

Posted by ‎اقرأ في مصر‎ on Monday, 5 August 2019