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It’s Original Mercy…Not Sin

Not Original Sin

So this is not a matter of original sin, with which we have enslaved ourselves to the whims of Satan, and rendered ourselves further incapacitated by its insinuations.

It is rather the original mercy man has completely forgotten, thus surrendering himself to what he takes as his fate, and pointing always, out of ignorance, to the first sin and disobedience.

Man should always remember the “original mercy” with which he started his first life in the Garden of Eden; everything was at his reach and beckon; he was blessed with everything, even before being tasked with worship.

He even had the honor of being ranked above the angels. Through this, man will be able to always rise up after fall, he will be able to stick to that divine rope connecting him with his Creator.

So it is man who always runs away from his Lord.

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Yes, it is man, out of his naivety and ignorance, who chooses to fall to Satan, despite a direct and clear warning from His Lord, thus subjecting himself to the control of the the Devil.

So it’s a matter of running away from blessing, despite its abundance and constant beckoning to whoever wishes to get the sign.

Seize the Chance

Have you ever asked yourself, my friend: how many times you have been blessed with this chance and you squandered it?

Don’t you remember that gracious hand which miraculously rescued you from the grave of debt you buried yourself in, due to usurious transactions, only for you to turn afterwards against that hand and strive to cut it?

Do you ever remember to give just only 5 minutes to say “ thanks to you my God”, after waking up every morning, without knowing where your spirit had been, throughout that darkness of long frightening dreams and nightmares?

Follow the Example of Adam (PBUH)

So it’s man, who’s running away from mercy despite its being at his beckon, only if he knew; and if we really want to be freed of daily bondage and displeasure of life, we really need to get back to Him, submitting to its will, and following its guidance.

This is exactly what Adam (peace and blessings be upon him) did after the disobedience, he returned to his Creator seeking His mercy. But what strikes me here also while reciting the Quran is that, even Adam’s effort of seeking forgiveness came from the fountain of divine mercy, it was through guidance from God, as the Quran says:

{Then Adam received (certain) words from his Lord, and He turned towards him mercifully, surely He is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful} (Al-Baqarah 2: 37)

Let’s behold the level of mercy here! The moment Adam thought of repenting, he earnestly turned to his Lord wholeheartedly, with regret and remorse. And in reaction to this, the divine mercy descended on him, guiding him to certain effective words through which Allah would accept his repentance, subhanallah! And thus in the footsteps of Adam followed all the Prophets after him, and we should try to take them as example, {Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, so from their guidance take an example… } (Al-An`am 6:90)

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