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Quran Reflections…What Sets Adam and Satan Apart

One of my favorite stories in the Quran is the story of Adam and Satan; the reason I love this story so much is because it shows us the trajectory of your spiritual decisions.

Adam and Satan both had one thing in common: they both made a mistake and they both transgressed a command of Allah Subhanhu wa ta`ala. That command for Adam was to not go near the tree which he did and for Satan it was to bow down for Adam which he did not.

But that mistake is not what defined them; what defined them was their response. Satan defended his decision, rationalized it and justified his mistake.

Adam (peace be upon him), on the other hand, humbled himself and repented to Allah Subhanhu wa ta`ala.

In a beautiful hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says if none of you made mistakes Allah would replace you with people who made mistakes so that they could seek repentance.

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This Ramadan remember this; don’t let your mistakes define you.

Everyone makes mistakes; everyone sins; everyone stumbles. What defines you is not your mistakes; what defines you is the ability to ask Allah to forgive you.