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My Lord Is Certainly with Me (Quranic Reflections)

Perhaps it was the most critical moment for Prophet Moses (peace be upon him); after long years of persecution, he and his people decided to escape from Egypt.

They left in the darkness of night; but Pharaoh learnt about the plan and decided to make of Moses and his people an example.  

The Terrible Encounter

Now imagine yourself in this situation: you are trying to run away from Pharaoh and his mighty army; all of a sudden you find yourself trapped between the sea and the scary army.

What would your reactions be?

For the children of Israel, it was over. “We are overtaken for sure,” they cried out.

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But Prophet Musa (PBUH) had a different opinion. He responded strongly and confidently: 

{Absolutely not! My Lord is certainly with me—He will guide me.} (Ash-Shu`raa’ 26:62)

Here are some inspiring reflections about this verse, collected from

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My Lord Is Certainly with Me (Quranic Reflections) - About Islam

Marwa Aly

Prophet Musa and Overcoming Fear
I want you to close your eyes and think of a moment when you were afraid.
How did you feel? Did you feel like running away? Does anyone want to share that moment with us now?

Did you know that the Prophets also felt scared sometimes?
Can anyone tell me a time when a Prophet was scared?
There was a time when Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) saw a fire in the distance and he went to see if there was anyone there because he was lost with his family.
There, he spoke to Allah ﷻ! Allah ﷻ asked him about his staff and told him to throw it down.

Does anyone know what happened when Musa (peace be upon him) threw down the staff?
Yes! It became a snake! How did Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) react when it became a slithering snake? He ran away! He was so scared!
Allah ﷻ told him not to be scared, that Allah ﷻ would return it back to its original form- a staff.

A little while later, Allah ﷻ tells Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) to go and speak to Pharoah. Now, we know Pharoah is one of the worst humans to ever live. He did very evil things and treated the people of Israel very poorly.
Musa (peace be upon him) was scared to speak to Pharoah. But Allah ﷻ calmed his fears and told him that He ﷻ is with him and Prophet Harun. This helps Musa feel calm when he meets Pharaoh.

After he meets Pharoah and the magicians become Muslim, Musa (peace be upon him) takes Bani Israel (the Children of Israel) with him and they escape from the clutches of Pharoah and his soldiers until they see the Red Sea.
Now, Bani Israel start to lose hope. They say, “إِنَّا لَمُدْرَكُونَ” (We will surely be overtaken!)

How do you think Musa (peace be upon him) responds?
Musa sees Pharoah and his soldiers galloping at great speed about to attack him and his people, and instead of being afraid and running away he says,
No! Indeed, I have my Lord, He will guide me!” (26:62)
And that’s when Musa strikes his staff, Allah ﷻ parts the Red Sea and saves Bani Israel from the clutches of Pharaoh and his men!

What was the journey that Musa took with his fear?
First his fear was a physical response, and he runs away from the snake.
Then he feels fear inside his heart- he is so worried about confronting Pharaoh.
But he notices, without fail, Allah ﷻ is always there to guide him and help.
So, when Bani Israel feel afraid, Musa knows to feel assured and confident that Allah ﷻ is on his side.

Every time you feel afraid, remember that Allah ﷻ is always with you. He (swt) hears and sees everything.

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